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    Hidden paradise

    From its solitary perch on a mountaintop on eastern Hengchun Peninsula, the resort commands a bird’s eye view over the Taiwan Strait and ramshackle fishing villages lining the shore; the evening sunlight lends a mediterranean flavour that transports you to Santorini. Each room has its own terrace where guests can enjoy their own private seaside sunset.

    13 hectares

    Occupying an area of 13 hectares and preserving the natural grasslands, when one gazes into the distance one can see Hengchun City and six of “The Eight Ancient Scenes of Hengchun”. These are Hutou Mountain, Santai Mountain, Chiniu mountain range, Longluan Lake, Ma’an Mountain and Mount Guan. At sunrise, the splendid display of light casts a brilliant glow over Mother Earth.


    The cows and dogs that live here enjoy such precious freedom. Day in day out, they are able to run around and graze to their hearts’ content. Each and every one is healthy and energetic, friendly and lively. When you see them and interact with them, in you will rise unbidden a feeling of inner warmth and happiness.

  • Oceanfront Terrace double room A

    Holiday 6800
    Weekday 5800

  • Oceanfront Terrace double room B

    Holiday 8800
    Weekday 6800

  • Oceanfront Terrace VIP double room

    Holiday 12000
    Weekday 9800

  • Oceanfront Courtyard Terrace four-person room

    Holiday 8800
    Weekday 7200

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